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8-06 Facilities Dress Code Changes Proposed 10-26-2022

Mike Anecito

Sun Lakes HOA #2 Policy Manual

Read all of the PROPOSED changes in the attached PDF - downloaded from HOA website:

If you'd like to share you opinion(s) on the proposed changes, you're encouraged to use the HOA Comment Card to address them.

Specific portion of the Dress Code below pertains to those of us that like to visit the Cottonwood Bar and Grill after playing:

PROHIBITED Attire for Cottonwood Palo Verde facilities and amenities:

Cottonwood Bar & Grill, Palo Verde Lounge, banquet facilities and restaurant patios:
- Denim wear with holes exposing skin | New
- Exposing tops | Revised
- Tank tops | New
- Sleeveless shirts for men | Same
- Obscene shirts | New
- Shorts, skirts or dresses shorter than mid-thigh (skorts are permitted) | Revised
- Swimwear with or without cover-ups (Covered swimwear allowed for ordering/picking up take-out orders) | Same

8-06 Facilities Dress Code-102622