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FOUR 90-Minute Sessions per Day Return on Halloween

Mike Anecito

Oct 24, 2022

157 Active Members and Counting!

With the return of more and more of our fellow members and the success of the Open House earlier this month, the club had 157 of the now 425 total members on the courts over the past 30 days!

Comparing the first 3 weeks of this October to the same period last year, we have already had two days with more than 100 members playing on the same day TWICE.

While I continue to believe the Request Lottery will not be needed, there may be a time after New Years that we do start having some max capacity issues this season.

This schedule should not need to be changed until the 4.0's return and/or invite enough 3.5's to level up to need to move them to another time slot than with the 3.5' always - I will make adjustments as the club's needs change.

APPL/EVIL teams will be granted 3 courts to practice on - ONLY on Monday and Tuesday from 11:30 to 2:00 and the HOA has granted the time from 2:00 to 4:00pm as well

SLPCC Fall Schedule 2022

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