Descriptive Skills Requirements and

Skills Assessment Sheets

Skills are defined for each level by the USAPA. These are the skills needed to play and compete at each of those levels. SLPCC uses these standards for its ratings.  If you are thinking about getting rerated, you should check here for the skills necessary for the level to which you want to move.  We have, however, reformated the Skills Assessments in an easier to understand format as well to better help you.  Please review the Descriptive Skills Requirements document as well as the Skills Assessment sheets for your own level so you can be sure you already use those skills every day.  If you have not mastered these skills at your own level, you will most assuredly not have them in a higher level.  And you will not have the opportunity to be rerated.  

SLPCC currently rates players from 1.5 to 4.0.  If you are a 4.0 wanting to move up, please contact the Rating Committee.  Anyone interested in moving down due to health, injury, or any other reason should contact the club president.

Please contact any Rating Committee member or Board member with questions by clicking here: