1.   PICKLEBALL (PB) COURTS AT COTTONWOOD (CW): There are four PB courts located in CW that are owned and maintained by the Sun Lakes Homeowners Association 2 (HOA).  The HOA has granted exclusive use of the PB Courts to the SLPCC as follows: Winter Hours:    October 1st  -  April 30th:   7AM to 2PM Monday  -  Friday Summer Hours:  May 1st  -  September 30th:  7AM to 11AM Monday  - Friday
2.   SHOES AND APPAREL: Non-marking court shoes or tennis shoes are to be worn at all times on the PB courts. Proper apparel must be worn per HOA Policy.
3.   EQUIPMENT: Members must provide their own PB equipment, including pickleballs and paddles.  Only pickleballs, paddles and drinking water in one water container with a closed, leak-proof top may be brought into the PB courts. Food, other drinks, bags, clothing and other objects are not allowed on the fences or on the court surfaces within the perimeter fencing.

4.   WAIVER: A waiver form must be signed or electronically acknowledged by all members and kept on file by the Membership Coordinator. This must be done by new members prior to taking lessons offered by the Club.

5.   CONDUCT: Members must abide by HOA Board Policies and Rules, HOA Homeowners Code of Conduct, and SLPCC By-Laws and Rules. Abusive behavior by words or actions directed against others is strictly prohibited.
6.   GUESTS: No guests may play during SLPCC exclusive times stated above. No guests may play in any event sponsored by the SLPCC, including but not limited to leagues, tournaments and socials.  At certain times of the year, the Board may allow guests for the 4.0 and Up levels because of lack of summer players.  Guest Instructors may be invited by the Board to instruct and play with a specific level(s) during club time.
7.   NO SOLICITATIONS: The SLPCC Roster, Bulletin Boards, and Meetings shall not be used for any non- SLPCC matter involving solicitations, sales or marketing purposes, or for any political or personal agendas. This applies to members as well as non-members and will lead to suspension or expulsion from the club.
8.   COMMUNICATIONS: The SLPCC is an email-intensive Club and communications will be primarily conducted electronically from the Club to its members. Members are expected to check their emails for information provided by the Club.
9.   SIGN-UP PROCEDURES FOR PB PLAY DURING EXCLUSIVE TIME: (A) Online sign-up instructions are given to each new member. Members must sign up individually online to play during Club time during exclusive SLPCC court time.  Members who have signed up in the appropriate time and play slots on the SLPCC Website Court Play Schedule have first priority on court play.
(B) Multiple sign-ups for PB play during exclusive club time is prohibited. Members must sign themselves onto the online SLPCC court reservation system in their rated group time slot. Club members who reside in the same household may sign each of them onto the online Schedule in the proper rated time slot for each member in the same household. This Rule is designed to give every Club member a fair chance to sign in by preventing multiple sign-ups of various members by one member. Members who violate this Rule will be disciplined directly by the SLPCC Board of Directors in a manner deemed appropriate by the SLPCC Board.  This discipline may be verbal warning, written warning, suspension, and/or expulsion from the club.
(C) Members can sign up online to play not more than one time per day and only in their same rated group time.
10. RATED PLAY LEVELS: There are 9 rated play levels in the SLPCC from 1.5 to 5.0 in increments of .5.
11. MEMBERS USING PB COURTS DURING OTHER GROUP'S SCHEDULED PLAY TIME: (A) Only SLPCC members can play on the PB courts during exclusive Club time, except as deemed by the Board of Directors.
(B) If a scheduled group does not occupy all four PB courts during their scheduled play time, other Club members, not to exceed 4 in number per vacant court, may appear at the courts to ask permission from the scheduled group to play on an unoccupied court. If permission is granted, the unscheduled group of up to 4 players may play on one court. Permission must be granted by all of the scheduled group players to the unscheduled players before the unscheduled players can play. (C) Unscheduled players cannot sign up on the internet during another scheduled group's time period.
(D)  If scheduled players arrive to play during their scheduled time period, then the non-scheduled players on the courts must yield the courts to the scheduled players immediately, regardless of the number of scheduled group players.
(E)  If there are less than 4 scheduled group players on a court, they may ask non-scheduled Club members, who are present, to fill in to make a foursome. All of the scheduled players on that court must agree to the inclusion of the non- scheduled player. If a scheduled player appears, the non-scheduled player must vacate the court immediately.
(F)  If less than 4 scheduled players are on a court and a non-scheduled member asks to play with them, all the scheduled players on that court must agree to allow the non-scheduled member to play.  
(G)  The non-scheduled member will play only one game if there are other nonscheduled members available. 
(H)  All Club members must treat each other with respect, courtesy and dignity at all times.

(A) ORGANIZED PLAY: Group play for specified level players who must sign up on the Club Website to play at specified times during exclusive Club Court time.
(B) LEAGUES: Exclusive Club Court time set-aside for League teams to play their matches.
(C) TOURNAMENTS: Time set aside for Tournaments set up by the Club Tournament Director, approved by the SLPCC Board and by HOA Management, since Tournaments are usually held during HOA Open Play time.
(D) INSTRUCTIONS: New members take lessons from Club Instructors on Mondays and/or Tuesdays from 2 – 4 p.m. during HOA time from October through April.
13. NON-RESIDENT CLUB MEMBERS: Non-resident members of SLPCC must be actively engaged in Club activities such as playing in organized play time, attending membership meetings, and volunteering to attend, participate in, or assist at Club events. The SLPCC Board may remove non-participating non-resident members from membership in December by not certifying their eligibility as a Club member to the SLHOA #2 Recreation Department.   
14. EQUIPMENT POLICY: Club equipment is only to be used by Club members during Club sponsored events.
15. RULE CHANGES: Members may propose changes or additions to SLPCC Rules, but only the SLPCC Board can enact any changes or additions to the SLPCC Rules by a majority vote of the SLPCC Board.


 SLPCC Rules Rev. 0219