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Welcome to Sun Lakes Pickleball!

Our club’s mission is to facilitate the growth and enjoyment of pickleball within the community and ensure social engagement of all players by offering organized recreational and competitive play.  We also provide continued development of all players at all levels of skill in a fun and sportsmanlike environment.

We believe that pickleball is good for the body

and good for the soul! 

Join us...just for the fun of it!

Presidents Picklebox


Dear Club,

The Board was finally able hold a meeting last Thursday at 6:00pm with Jim, Tony and Bud in attendance with Charlene and Lyndi on the phone.   Charlene suggested we take out another $15,000 CD with our extra cash on hand and I was able to secure a nine month certificate at 4.25% at Chase.  This is in addition to the $20,000.00 CD taken out earlier in the year.  


Sept 1st has been earmarked to begin the skill tests for those who want to enter the move/level up que.   More information about the process will be available in August.  


The Board also wants to meet with Mike Anecito (who has a lot of data) in August to review the level playing times and to see if anything can be improved on.  One thing we need to do this next year is to maximize play during club time.  I would like to research the "hold my court" reservation system and the 5:00 o'clock rule.  


What are the pros and cons of expanding the 5:00 o'clock rule to 24 hours or even 48 hours?  If courts are not being signed up, should some other party/level take advantage of empty courts?  This is already happening and maybe we need to make more people aware of the situation. 


The Board decided not to meet in July due to several conflicts in schedules.   

Hope you are enjoying the summer, maybe we could have some welcome back parties in October for you snowbirds....  

Bud Johnson

 Check the News and Calendar to keep up on everything that's happening!

Summer Schedule and Format Change -​Wednesdays only

Moved ​Wednesday assignments around - Womens and Mens times are both at 6am now - level play at 7:30
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