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Bud Johnson

SLPCC President

My passion is pickleball and I have seen firsthand the positive benefits of America’s fastest growing sport.  There is no doubt that court space will continue to be an issue.  We are not alone in this struggle as other HOA’s with tennis courts that are underutilized are being questioned by other pickleball clubs as how to share courts to benefit the most homeowners.


Jim Carlson

Vice President

I purchased my home in Cottonwood nine years ago in 2014 and finally moved to Sun Lakes in 2018. Within a month, I played my first pickleball game and instantly became addicted to the fun, the players and the immediate growth of social gatherings and events directly attributed to playing pickleball.

Vice President

Charlene Wisbey

SLPCC Treasurer

Having worked in many business sectors and not-for-profit organizations, I bring well-rounded accounting knowledge and experience to the Treasurer position.


Tony Casillas

Member at Large

I’m excited to continue to help serve our club and to make sure that all of our members know that they have a voice

Member at Large

Diane Bricco

Communications Team Lead

Bio to follow...

Communications Team

Lisa Fahrion

Social Committee Chairperson

Bio to follow...

Social Committee Chairperson

Open Position

Ratings Team Chairperson

Bio to follow...

Ratings Team Chairperson

Mike Anecito

Chelsea Admin and Webmaster

Worked in the Product Distribution field from 1984 until 2020 - Started as an A/R Clerk, Sales, Mgmt, and finally Ecommerce Website Manager at GPC/NAPA
Married to Kathy with 3 boys, 6 grandkids so far.

Played Pickleball since November 2021.

Orientation Team Chairperson

Paul Nichol

Training Team Co-Lead

We were introduced to Pickleball in 2012. Eventually gave up both tennis and softball in favor of pickleball (a bad knee helped make that an easier decision).  Began coaching and teaching friends and family in 2017 and was able to earn certification as an Instructor from USA Pickleball and PPR in 2022.  I’ve found few things more rewarding or satisfying than sharing my love of the game with those eager to learn.

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