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 Volunteer Positions in the Club



  • Administer day to day operations of club

  • Approve web page changes

  • Schedule and hold monthly SLPCC Board meeting

  • Schedule and hold monthly member meeting October - March

  • Prepare agendas for both meetings

  • Provide vision for club activities including clinics, drills, tournament, league play and socials

  • Appoint/approve club committees and members

  • Liaison with committee heads to make sure we are on track

  • Be present at club activities

  • Work with the VP overseeing committees

  • Decide with the VP who will liaison with the HOA board/management

  • Approve monthly organized play schedule created by Web Team

  • Oversees outside membership additions and deletions 

 Vice President

  • Help serve as liaison to CW/PV HOA Board/management

  • Attend monthly SLPCC board and club meetings

  • Acquire permits for locations of club meetings

  • Work with president dealing with committees

  • In the extended absence of the President (more than 10 days), assumes the duties of the President until the President returns

  • Works with HOA 2 Food & Beverage Managers to coordinate food and beverage provisions for all SLPCC club tournaments, socials, leagues, expos and special events

​ Secretary

  • Attend monthly board and club meetings

  • Take detailed notes and compile written minutes of meetings including special meetings of the board

  • Keep an electronic file of all Club documents on Google Drive

  • Maintain Monthly Club Activity Calendar

  • Ensure club documents are kept up to date.  Documents include:

    • By-Laws

    • NIT documents

    • Socials

    • New member on-boarding process

    • Etiquette guidelines

    • Rating guidelines

    • Roster

  • Assist with set-up and coordination of Club events


  • Manage payment of all SLPCC expenses, with records kept using a financial software program

  • Manage all SLPCC revenue, mainly new member dues and tournament fees

  • Maintain a financial statement and post it on the Web monthly

  • Attend monthly board and club meetings

  • Provide a report of SLPCC finances at each SLPCC club meetings

  • Assist with coordination of club events

  • Maintain NIT registration and team information, verifing registrant information and keeping track of entries

  • Verify payment of membership dues for all members including new members, and follow-up for missing or inaccurate data or payment

  • In the extended absence (more than 10 days) of the President and Vice President, assumes the duties of the President until the President returns

Member at Large

  • Manage club equipment.

  • Coordinate necessary purchases

  • Coordinate necessary repairs

  • Attend monthly SLPCC board and club meetings

  • Assist with set-up and coordination of Club events

  • Provide ball machine clinics

  • Maintain net height and all equipment

  • Sell balls to members

  • Provide inventory of all properties on a semi-annual basis


Volunteer Committee Duties

Rating Committee

  • Evaluate current rating process and change as needed

  • Make sure they have the manpower to facilitate the processes, including on the court and back office

By-Law Committee

  • Amend by-laws as needed

  • Meet with board to approve changes before vote of members

  • Change SLPCC rules and polices as needed

Social Committee

  • Schedule all club socials including the end of year party

  • Coordinate dates with SLPCC board

  • In April book ballroom for end of year party for the following year

Communcation Committee

  • Coordinate with president and comittee leads to send email to members

  • Try to include fun stuff in emails to get members to open and read

  • Get information about the club into the Splash and The Flyer

New Member Orientation

  • New member orientation

  • Coordinates training for levels

  • Finds volunteers to help with Orientation and New Member Play Days

Training Team

  • Schedule classes for the season

  • Get volunteers for training sessions

Membership Team

  • Track new member documentation

  • Coordinate with rating committee to get up to date information on re-ratings

  • Update roster
  • Update Chelsea with new member and level changes

Web Team

  • Update web page with timely information

  • Facilitate with form for electronic voting

  • Registering for events

  • Coordinate with other teams/committees to get info on website

Chelsea Team

  • Schedule Chelsea for club play

  • Maintain data for court utilization records

  • Coordinate with other teams/committees to make courts available when needed

Judiciary Committee

  • Verify Club Votes

  • Deal with member disputes

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