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Weather and Water on the Courts

On the rare occasion (it is why we live in Arizona, after all) that there is rain in the forecast, please be aware of the courts must be DRY before you can play on them.

Playing on wet courts is not only a safety issue, but also an HOA issue as playing on wet courts can damage them.

The club supplies 3-4 squeegee rollers that hang on the fences.  Whichever groups are scheduled early any given rainy day are encouraged to come early and help get excess water off the courts.

Some members also bring their air blowers down and use them to blow the pooled water off prior to squeegeeing to speed the drying time.  There will still be times that your scheduled time may come and go without the ability to play at all or only on a court or courteous and only play games to 8, switch out 4 players at a time, etc.

What is considered DRY?


If you walk through an area of the court that was/is? wet and leave footprints behind you as you walk onto the dry parts of the court, it is considered wet, and you must not play on it.

None of us can control the weather - but all of us can control how we react to it!

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