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April Court Schedule Changes and Summer Ideas Needed

Mike Anecito

Mar 29, 2024

Effective Monday, April 15th - we are moving the 4.0 play time to the same time slot as the 3.5's.

As the number of SLPCC players has begun to decrease with the summer season approaching, we have room now to have the 3.5's and 4.0's play at the same time of the day again. This affords those 4.0's to find some competition from the 3.5 ranks on the days that their fellow 4.0's may not be playing...or once they've left for the summer.

The 2.0 times slot will now be shared with Open Booking, so if you and some of your fellow club members feel like playing earlier or later in the day you can come down a bit earlier than 1pm now too. After April 19th the 1:00 pm DUPR timeslots will all be assigned as Open Booking.

Remember the summer season starts May 1st, so go find your alarm clocks before then as the start times will be 6:00 am come May 1st!!

The recent poll for Firebird and Snowbird showed some surprising results with 209 votes tallied and the Firebirds are at 46% and Snowbirds at 54% - so the April Club meeting will include a segment for suggestions on what the Firebirds would like to see the club do this summer - so, be sure to show up and bring your thinking caps!

If you haven't shared your Summer Status - here's the link where you can log yours now!

April 2024 Court Schedule

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