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Fiscal Year Bylaw Amendment Voting Closed

Mike Anecito

Apr 20, 2024

The voting has been closed and the results sent to the Judiciary Committee for verification per Article 3 C


Members are the backbone of the club. As such they retain certain rights. Any authority or action not described in this document is strictly reserved to the members. Members retain the authority to bring any proposed general action affecting the club to a general membership hearing and vote. This shall be accomplished by:

A. A written proposal or by-law change may be submitted per the form available on the SLPCC Website to the club’s Board of Directors. Such petition shall require a minimum of 40 current member signatures for consideration.

B. Upon receipt of such document the Board will take the necessary steps to ensure that all such signees are current members. This verification process must be completed within two weeks of receipt.

C. Once certified, the proposal or by-law change will be posted to the website a minimum of two weeks before the next available general meeting along with an electronic voting procedure. Electronic votes will be reviewed by the Judiciary Committee as detailed in Article 5 and results verified. Only members who are current may submit a valid vote. Each member shall be entitled to cast one (1) vote.

D. The proposal shall be considered passed by a simple majority of those voting provided that a minimum of 15% of the club membership voted. If passed the proposal will be in effect immediately.

Proposed Bylaw Amendment to Change the Fiscal Year of the SLPCC

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