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Hosted by the Sun Lakes Pickleball Club Cottonwood (SLPCC)

Players will receive a pre-match briefing prior to starting their game.


Players are responsible for reading and understanding all IFP rules as stated in the 2024 OFFICIAL PICKLEBALL TOURNAMENT RULEBOOK and the Pre-Orientation Instructions which are outlined below.


Not all pre-match instructions below will be covered in the pre-match briefing.


Your participation in this tournament assumes you have read and understand the rules below prior to the tournament.


The Tournament Rulebook can be found at the USAPA website:

  1. Players are responsible for being aware of their playing times. Players MUST sign-in at the tournament registration desk a minimum of thirty (30) minutes before their assigned bracket playing time as playing times are influenced by court play. After registering proceed to the tournament desk for “Swag” bag and identifying badges. Please do not congregate near the registration desk. Questions should be addressed to volunteers wearing “Ask Me” buttons. 
  2. Matches will be called using the club public address system and will be posted on the monitor in the Saguaro Room. The announcement will inform you of the court assignment. You and your partner then have a maximum of five (5) minutes to report to the assigned court. A second announcement will be made after five (5) minutes of all playing members are not present. Matches will begin no later than eight (8) minutes after the first announcement. Failure of either team member to report for the match within eight (8) minutes will result in a game forfeit. Failure to report within fifteen (15) minutes after the first announcement will result in a match forfeit.
  3. The match format will be discussed by the referee before the match starts.
  4. Players are responsible for making all line calls during play. Referees will call Non-Volley Zone faults, short serves and service foot faults. You may appeal a line call to the referee who, if they clearly see the play, may overrule.
  5. Serving may be done by either the volley method (traditional) or drop method (newer). Service rules affecting both serves will be followed. 
  6. You may not bring any additional items on the court except a water bottle and a small towel. All participants MUST bring their own water bottle, the club will have water available for refill but will not be providing water bottles. 
  7. Servers must wait for the referee to complete the score calling before serving. Contact with the ball before that will result in a service fault and loss of serve.
  8. One player, chosen by the referee, will pick a number 1 or 2. The winner of that choice will be the first to select “serve, receive, side, or defer.” After the first choice is made, the other team must choose from the remaining options but may not defer. Once a team makes its choice, it cannot be changed.
  9. Each team is entitled to two (2) one-minute timeouts per game. There is a two (2) minute break between each game. Play may be continued prior to allotted time if all participants agree.
  10. Teams will switch sides after each game, and if a third game is necessary the switch will occur after one team reaches 6. In a fifteen-point game teams will switch after one team reaches 8. These switches are to be accomplished within the 1-minute time allotment. 
  11. The referee will notify each team 15-seconds before each timeout expires. At that point all team members should proceed to their correct playing positions so play may continue.
  12. Short hydration periods are allowed. Hydration periods are ONLY for that explicit purpose.
  13. All SLPCC court playing rules will be adhered with. A copy of these rules is available on the club website. 
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