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Hosted by the Sun Lakes Pickleball Club Cottonwood (SLPCC)

Players will receive a pre-match briefing prior to starting their game.


Players are responsible for reading and understanding all IFP rules as stated in the 2023 OFFICIAL PICKLEBALL TOURNAMENT RULEBOOK and the Pre-Orientation Instructions which are outlined below.


Not all pre-match instructions below will be covered in the pre-match briefing.


Your participation in this tournament assumes you have read and understand the rules below prior to the tournament.


The Tournament Rulebook can be found at the USAPA website:



  • You may not wear apparel which blends with the pickleball.

  • If you report to the court in apparel that blends you will be asked to remove/change such.

  • Failure to change such will result in a match forfeit.

Match Timing:
  • 45 minutes before match, check-in and warm up

  • 5 minutes after match is called there will be a second call for you to report to court if you haven't

  • 8 Minutes after match is called the match should begin (this includes getting to court, pre-game instructions and warmup)

  • 10 minutes after match is called if you have not reported to court you will forfeit the first game

  • 15 minutes after match is called, if you have not reported to court you will forfeit the match

Match Play:

  1. Wait for the referee to call the complete score before you hit your serve.

    • Failure to so will result in a Fault.

  2. Players call the center line on serves. Referee will call short serves.

  3. Players make all line calls” call “OUT” loudly with arm raised high.

    • Players will not make an “Out” call unless they can clearly see a space between the line and the ball as it hits the ground.

    • All “out” calls must be made “promptly”; otherwise, the ball is presumed to still be in play.

      • “Promptly” is defined as calling “out” prior to the ball being hit by the opponent or before the ball becomes dead.

    • A player cannot claim a replay because the ball has not been seen or there is uncertainty.

    • Any player may appeal a call to the referee.

      • If the referee did not see the ball, the ball is considered “in”.

      • Referees will not give their opinion unless asked.

  4. While the ball is in the air, if a player yells “out,” “no,” “bounce it,” or any other words to communicate to their partner that the ball may be out, it shall be considered player communication only and not considered a line call.

  5. An “out” call made after the ball bounces is a line call.

    • The ball is dead, and play shall stop.

    • If, upon appeal, the referee overrules any type of “out” call, it is a fault against the team that made the “out” call.

  6. The Referee watches for foot faults at NVZ and server foot faults.

  7. Before the serve occurs, any player may ask the referee for the score, correct server or receiver, correct player position and may challenge/confirm the called score.

    • The referee will only answer the question you have asked.

  8. Once the score has been called, the receiver cannot become “not ready” unless there is a valid hinder.

  9. Once the score has been called the server has 10 seconds to serve. If a server exceeds the 10 seconds a fault will be declared.

  10. After the serve is made, a player who stops play solely on an incorrect score call, will have committed a fault and shall loose the rally.

  11. It is a fault if the volleying player or anything that has contact with the volleying player while in the act of volleying touches the non-volley zone (NVZ, commonly referred to as the kitchen).

    • The act of volleying the ball includes the swing, the follow-through, and the momentum from the action. It is a fault even if the ball becomes dead before the player contacts the NVZ.

    • If a player has touched the NVZ for any reason, that player cannot volley a return until BOTH feet have made contact with the playing surface completely outside the non-volley zone.

    • A player may enter the non-volley zone anytime except when that player is volleying the ball.

    • A player may enter the NVZ before or after returning a ball that bounces.

    • A player may stay inside the NVZ to return any bounced ball. 

    • There is no violation if a player does not exit the NVZ after hitting a ball that bounces.

  12. Each team gets two 1-minute time outs per game.

    • Referee will announce “15 seconds” before end of 1 minute to alert players to get into position.

    • Play may resume early if all players are ready.

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