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Rally Scoring

1.  Each rally in a game is worth a point.

2.  Forget server one and server two. Each side will have only one person serve until that team loses a rally (point), and it’s the other teams’ turn to serve (side out).

3.  Throughout the game, both players will serve.

4. It’s important to remember the right side is the EVEN side.

5.  The left side of the court is the ODD side.

6.  Serving is like pickleball singles. When a team’s score is even service is made from the even side of the court.

7. When a team’s score is odd, the service is made from the odd side of the court.



A game begins at 0-0, with one team serving from the EVEN side of the court. 

The serving team wins the point.  A team switches sides only when serving and winning a point.

The server moves from the even to the odd side and serves again. The score is 1-0.

The receiving team wins the next rally, which means they get the point and the serve. Since the score is now 1-1, the person standing on the O.D.D. side serves.

Rinse and Repeat until the game ends.

Players do not switch to the alternate service court unless they are the serving team, and they have won a point.

The serving team’s score determines the side from which the ball is served.

Since the game is completed faster, the ending score may be extended to 15 or 21. Decide beforehand if it’s win by 1 or 2.


You may or may not like it, why not give it a try before you make a decision?

Since a point is available during every rally, it’s going to change some strategies. Are you going to go after that big, maybe not so reliable serve if you know that the other team is going to score a point if you miss it?

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