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Rating Committee Update

Patty True

Sep 19, 2023

The fall pickleball season at SLPCC is just around the corner and the snowbirds are packing up and returning to Sun Lakes. Everyone is looking forward to the coming season. As we move forward with some of the late season changes from last year, we hope to clarify some of the confusion that has been developing during the summer. The adoption of DUPR as our rating system is still in its infancy within our club and overall, that is a good thing as DUPR has made some great changes to their algorithm which will benefit everyone within the club and will minimize some of the confusion moving forward.

Over the years there has been a dichotomy of thought regarding the pickleball club and whether or not this club is a “social club” or a “competitive club" and the necessity of ratings. This issue will never be resolved because of the diverseness of our club but should be understood. Ratings have been a part of this club from the beginning and are necessary for clubs to provide appropriate skill training, equitable club play and club tournament ratings for tournament participants.

We understand there have been some misgivings about DUPR despite the rating committee being very clear that there would be no significant changes to players ratings during the summer months because of the lack of play with all members of the club. However, there is a small sample of people that have developed a reasonable and valid match history by playing tournaments and DUPR matches and increased their rating during the past few months and deserve to have the rating committee take a hard look at their current status.

Players who do not wish to level up: You do not have to participate in DUPR events and need not worry about a DUPR rating. You will maintain your current level of play until you decide otherwise.

Read the full update here or download the PDF:

Full Rating Committee Update

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