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Rating Procedure/Process

For Club Ratings: 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5

The desire of the rating committee is to improve the culture of play in the club.  Therefore, we have designed a process to move up a level that includes both a Skills Assessment and a Play Assessment. Both assessments are posted under the SLPCC Rating Assessment Guidelines on the 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 Rerating Requests.


To be re-rated you need to be an active club member in good standing.  Active means that you are playing 10 times in 30 days while you are in Sun Lakes (Example, you played 5 times before vacation or leaving for the summer than you only need five times when you return) as recorded in Chelsea. Also, you must have played at your current rating during scheduled club time for a minimum of three months.  Please note on the application when you started playing at your current level.  Once you pass the Skills Assessment you will be scheduled for the Play Assessment at the new level.  The goal is for you to complete it in two weeks.

The Rating Process

  1. Review the Skills and Play Assessments required for the level above your current playing level.

  2. After you have taken the level up class and believe you can pass both assessments fill out the application to be re-rated under Rating menu:  Note, you may only move up one rating per request. ​

  3. Once your application is received your name is placed in the queue for a skills evaluation

    • You will be informed when it is your turn for the skills evaluation.

    • If you're not active or in good standing, your request will be removed. 

  4. If you do not pass the Skills Assessment the evaluator will review the results with you to help you understand what you need to work on to move up.

    • Before you can place your name back in the process you will need to play at your current level for six weeks and take the level up class.  During that time work on the skills and play assessments.  When you believe you are ready you will need to fill out the application again to be rerated.

    • Note: If you pass all the skills except two, you will be given an opportunity to demonstrate the skills you missed.  Be sure to work on those skills.  If you pass you will begin play at the new level to be evaluated with the Play Assessment.  If you do not pass the second time, you will need to put your name back in que and be evaluated on those two skills when your turn appears in the que.

  5. If you pass the Skills Assessment, you will be on probation at the new level until evaluated according to the Play Assessment.  Note that evaluations will take place during normal level club play only.  You will not be evaluated when playing with multiple levels or times outside of club.  

  6. The evaluators will use the play assessment to see if you utilize the skills and positioning during playing.  Be sure you understand the play assessment.  Evaluators are not there to teach the play assessment.  

  7. After the evaluation the evaluators will discuss the results with you.

    • If you pass you will continue to play at that level.  After six weeks of playing at that level evaluators may again watch you to see if you are continuing to demonstrate the skills in the play assessment.  If they see improvement from your play assessment you will continue at that level and your evaluation is complete.   If they do not see improvement from the play assessment, they will discuss the evaluation with you. At that time, you will be requested to take the skills training for that level and after the training your evaluation is complete.

    • If you do not pass the play assessment you can apply again after six weeks of playing in your current level.   During this time work on your play and retake the level up training, so that you will be ready to be re-rated again if you desire.

      • Then fill out the application to put your name in the queue.

      • You will not need to do the Skills Assessment phase again, but the process (#6 & #7 above) with the evaluators using the Play Assessment will be repeated.

      • Note if you fail the play assessment a second time, to be rerated you will need to wait six weeks and begin the rerating process again including the Skills Assessment.

Note:  USAPA UTPR tournament ratings will be accepted.  Other ratings outside the club may be accepted for skills only if it is completed with a certified rater with proof that shows the skills test. If the skills test is comparable to our club’s skills test the player will still need to be evaluated by two club evaluators using the club’s playing assessment. 

When you're ready - review both assessment requirements before submitting your Rerating Request

Updated 1/1/2023

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