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Ratings Process 2020-2021 Season


In order to be considered for moving to a higher level, a member must be an active player.  Active means that a member has played at least 10 times within the past 30 days.   Due to the smaller size of the 4.0 and up group, they need only play at least 7 times within 30 days.

A person needs to play in a specific level for at least 3 months before requesting to move up a level.

Any member of SLPCC may submit an application (using the correct form found on the SLPCC website ( indicating that he/she wishes to be considered for moving up to a higher level.  The order in which applicants are selected for a Level Up Trial (LUT) will not be based on the order that we receive applications, but rather the Ratings Input Coordinators (RICs) will help to identify the most qualified applicants. In the event that we do not have one or more RICs for a level, we will proceed with evaluations in the order that we receive them.

A “LEVEL UP TRIAL” or “LUT” is the opportunity to see if a person is a good fit for the next higher level and has the skills to continually participate at that new level.  “Rating Input Coordinators” or “RICs” are people who have volunteered to help LUTs adjust to the workings of the level that they are trying out for and to help the LUT understand what skill requirements are needed for that specific level.  Unfortunately this is a volunteer position, so we may or may not have RICs identified at each playing level.

A maximum of 4 players per level at one time may do an LUT.   The number of LUTs allowed to do a trial at one time will be determined by the number of active players playing in the target level. The LUT is required to fit into the mid-range for skills at the new level, not near the bottom of the skill range, in order to be promoted.   

After an LUT has played 5 times within a 20-day period, they will hand in their log book to any member on the Board of Executives or their identified RIC. Based on information in the log book, an evaluation survey will be sent out to the players that played with/against the LUT and the target level’s RIC. A person needs to play with the LUT at least 3 times before being asked to do an evaluation and that person needs to have been in that specific level for a minimum of 3 months before they are allowed to evaluate any LUTs. The RICs evaluation survey will carry more merit than a regular member evaluation.


The information obtained from these surveys will be analyzed by the Level Up Panel (LUP) If the peer evaluations are not decisive enough and do not meet the required 70% approval rating by the peer group. The LUP will be notified and given a period of 3 days to make their own decision and evaluation on the LUT in question. After all 3 LUPs have submitted their decision, the LUT will be notified.  An email will be sent to the player within approximately 1 to 1 ½ weeks of completing the LUT. All LUTs will be given a written summary of what skills need to be improved and/or added. If a person attempts an LUT and is unsuccessful, then that person must wait for a period of 3 months before asking to try out for that level again.


There is no longer a probationary period.  Whenever it becomes apparent that a member does not have the skills for the level at which he or she is rated, that member will be required to move down, or may be given an opportunity to have a skills assessment, at the discretion of the Board. This may happen at any time to anyone.

There is no appeal process to the decision made about remaining in a level or returning to the previous level.

By encouraging everyone to work together, we hope to develop a system that will allow us to continually evaluate players and allow active members to be part of the rating process.


The Role of the LUT

  1. The LUT must wear a name tag during club play time so all players will be able to identify that they are there on a trial basis. 

  2. An LUT candidate will be required to keep a playing log of the dates of play and who they played with and against.  

  3. LUTs should not be playing with or against other LUTs.

  4. LUTs should make sure that they play with or against the same person at least three times, so that an accurate evaluation can be submitted.

    1. If necessary, an LUT may position their paddle on the playing board to facilitate playing with or against the same person 3 times.

    2.  Remember that a partner or opposing player must have been in the level for at least 3 months before they are eligible to evaluate you.



  1. To help the LUTs feel welcomed into the level that they are trying out for, get into play with as many people as possible (even if that means moving their paddle around to make it happen), and to make them follow the simple guides that we have for them (i.e. name tags, not playing against or with other LUTs, keeping their log book, etc.).

  2. To make an effort to play with and against the LUTs, whenever possible.

  3. RICs will observe the LUT’s playing skills whenever possible.  We will be trying to accommodate 4 LUTs at a time instead of 3 this year.  AND we will be shortening a trial period down from 10 days of play to 5 days of play.

  4. RICs will complete a survey at the end of an LUT trial like all other players that have played with or against the LUT,  but their opinions will be rated heavier (if they have played with/against the LUT).

  5. RICs will help identify players that should be moved down.



  1. The Leveling Up Panel will consist of 2 club members and 1 board member.

  2. The LUP will only be consulted if the submitted evaluations from the peer group are not clear cut.  

  3. We will use a 30% or more value of negative responses from peers to trigger the input from the LUP. 

  4.  The role of this committee is to make a leveling decision, based on the evaluations received from club members (peer group). 

  5. In the best interest of submitting an accurate evaluation the LUP members may or may not decide to observe and evaluate an LUT personally, before rendering a decision.

  6. The LUP group will be expected to have submitted a decision within 72 hours of the request to make a decision.


All decisions are final and cannot be appealed.



1:    LUT is far weaker than the average player at this level.
2:    LUT is weaker than the average player at this level.
3:    LUT is playing at the same level as the average player at this level.
4:    LUT is stronger than the average player at this level.
5:    LUT is far stronger than the average player at this level.

Using this scale properly means very few 4s and 5s should be given to any LUT. ANY evaluation consisting of all 4's and 5's will be disqualified as not realistic. The "middle of the level" score is a 3 and considered the desirable level of skill.