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Summer Schedule Returns on May 1st!!

Mike Anecito

Apr 22, 2024

169 Active Members this past week and dropping, but the heat is here already!

Even with the steady flying/driving north of more and more of our fellow members, the club still had 169 of the now 381 total members on the courts over the past week!

Looking at the first couple of weeks for the last two Mays, we can expect to have FULL courts for a while longer until the last of the snowbirds depart.

Here's where you can find the Court Schedule and either view it or download it

The Request Lottery may not be needed, but entering a Request is a sure way to get a spot, especially the first few days of the month.

This schedule should not need to be changed however, as always - we will make adjustments as the club's needs change.

As the summer progressed the last couple of years, we routinely invited the players from both levels assigned at the same time to play on a 'Shared' court (or two). This allows those that don't want to, to stay with their levels while encouraging others to get to know each other better.

In addition to sharing the courts we have also added a few more Open Booking options to the current and future schedule so that if you cannot play at the time your level is scheduled, you can book yourself one of the Open Booking courts - remember, you cannot schedule yourself more than once per day in Chelsea.

May 2024 Schedule

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